Your destiny

The die is cast: you have thrown 3, 3 and 6
The individual dice indicate the diverse influences which colour your existence and together, they form a pattern very useful to your understanding, so you can move forward, make the right choices and take constructive decisions.

We are offering you an explanation of the meaning of each dice and a conclusion based on the combination of all 3 numbers together.

Meaning of the first number

No. 1 represents determination, action, effectiveness and individuality, plus occasionally solitude. It reflects a new start, an opportunity to be seized, or a run of good luck with unexpected elements.

It is also a number which indicates that you need to rely on yourself to achieve your goals. No. 1 invites you to put the past completely behind you and turn resolutely towards the future.

In a roll of the dice for those in love, it represents the masculine figure, the lover, a person in love or spouse … But, when combined with a negative figure, it can be an omen of imminent danger or a formidable enemy. It also represents the interaction of individual wills.

No. 1 is all about quickness of action and the predictions involved in this number take place very rapidly, owing to the strength of will of the person throwing the dice.

strength and will to assert yourself

tendency to be a dictator


Meaning of the second number

No. 3 is primarily the number of communication, speech, enjoyment and entertainment. It brings joy, opportunities, love and pleasure and is even associated with seduction and love games. It indicates opportunities to be seized at once, and helps to improvise and keep things simple.

This number can also be synonymous with short journeys, moving house or unexpected news. Making contact is also made easy in all respects.

On the negative side, no.3 is related to excess, greed, superficiality, debauchery and secret relationships. It is also associated with loss, theft and misadventure.

This number acts rapidly and often in an unexpected and sudden manner. According to tradition, the adversities of fate but also strokes of luck are expressed by number 3. On a higher level, this is a vibration which opens up the doors to fraternity.

Sociable nature
sense of humour



Meaning of the third number

No. 6 is about love, harmony, inner tranquillity, peaceful relationships and serenity. It reflects moments of perfect happiness with your other half, within a group or your family. It can lead to birth, marriage or the desire to have children. This is the number of tenderness above all others, with loving exchanges and closeness.

On the negative side, no.6 can bring family troubles, sorrow, disappointment, low self-esteem or painful betrayals. No. 6 is also associated with concerns going back to childhood and problems with loneliness.

The emotions prevail over all other considerations under this influence and provide the momentum in other areas.

This figure encourages you to ask for help and not withdraw into yourself. Its predictions are valid for a short time and will take place in several stages.

Emotional intelligence

Risk of emotional dependency

Positive changes!

A new friendship, could be created under the influence of this vibration, as well as an amorous encounter or a happy event. This will therefore be about a new beginning!

Whatever the case, you can expect to experience some enjoyable moments and generally positive changes, which will be good for your morale. You will be more aware of your instincts and your creativity will naturally combine with your mental agility to get rid of the brakes which seem to be slowing down your everyday existence. You will feel a profound need to question some of your achievements and make them feel more robust.

On the professional front, it will be more a question under this combination of numbers of a future transfer or a new job, which will bring you complete fulfilment. In all these cases, your career should advance at last or become more settled in the long term.

Good news as well if you are expecting a response on financial matters. You could establish an agreement on a case which will be thorny at the start. You will feel an immense need to reconcile your deep-rooted need for perfection and inner cohesion with your need for escape, which will be equally vital to bring out the best in you.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, you should tell yourself that you don’t fully know this person and that he/she hasn’t told you everything about his/ her life. Take the time to find out more and above all, don’t rush things. This person’s situation will soon evolve and change a lot of things between you.

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