Your destiny

Destiny is offering you 4, 6 and 1
You’re going to find out the meaning of each dice in your life and the answers it will give to some of your questions. But, beyond each dice, the roll of the dice itself assumes a particular meaning, which will serve as a conclusion.

Now find out the combined meanings of the dice you have thrown, one by one and then all 3 together.

Meaning of the first number

No.4 is synonymous with hard work, effort, moral rectitude, work carried out to a high standard and consistency. In love, it is associated with fidelity, sincere emotions and selflessness. It can also represent the family, departures and property deals.

This number controls health and psychological well-being, but also food, sport and healthy lifestyles. No.4 offers good advice and generally brings balance and common-sense. This vibration enables greater stability in life and self-confidence in every situation.

On the negative side, no. 4 can induce an over-serious outlook, austerity, coldness of heart or unhappiness in love, even separation. With this number, you will take your time to set things up and they will take a long time to materialise.

With no. 4, you need to learn to be patient and not inclined to rush things. 4 can also indicate anger, resentment or vengeance: remember this!

a sense of duty

Lack of imagination
too rigid


Meaning of the second number

No. 6 is about love, harmony, inner tranquillity, peaceful relationships and serenity. It reflects moments of perfect happiness with your other half, within a group or your family. It can lead to birth, marriage or the desire to have children. This is the number of tenderness above all others, with loving exchanges and closeness.

On the negative side, no.6 can bring family troubles, sorrow, disappointment, low self-esteem or painful betrayals. No. 6 is also associated with concerns going back to childhood and problems with loneliness.

The emotions prevail over all other considerations under this influence and provide the momentum in other areas.

This figure encourages you to ask for help and not withdraw into yourself. Its predictions are valid for a short time and will take place in several stages.

Emotional intelligence

Risk of emotional dependency


Meaning of the third number

No. 1 represents determination, action, effectiveness and individuality, plus occasionally solitude. It reflects a new start, an opportunity to be seized, or a run of good luck with unexpected elements.

It is also a number which indicates that you need to rely on yourself to achieve your goals. No. 1 invites you to put the past completely behind you and turn resolutely towards the future.

In a roll of the dice for those in love, it represents the masculine figure, the lover, a person in love or spouse … But, when combined with a negative figure, it can be an omen of imminent danger or a formidable enemy. It also represents the interaction of individual wills.

No. 1 is all about quickness of action and the predictions involved in this number take place very rapidly, owing to the strength of will of the person throwing the dice.

strength and will to assert yourself

tendency to be a dictator

Commitment is in the air!

This combination of figures, generally focuses on relationships, partnerships, marriage, feelings and signing contracts. If you are already involve dwith someone, it could be about considering marriage or making your relationship official. If you are single, a proposal or planning to move in together could be on the cards, which will make you very happy.

On the work front, there will be new developments with the signing of a contract, or a new partnership, which will be very auspicious. Your family will also remain an important factor, with the organisation of a meal, a reunion or family gathering. New acquaintances will be on the horizon, enabling you to stabilise your situation in material and moral terms.

Your ability to adapt will enable you to establish your position in the company more securely and build a group of abilities complementing yours around you. You will have the satisfaction of becoming aware that you are more effective, when you patiently accept that things evolve at their own pace. In your family, you are going to go through a period of calm, where understanding won’t play an insignificant part. You will achieve this with ease and will be more readily inclined to be obliging in this respect.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, you should know that this person feels much tenderness and affection for you, and is trying to get closer to you in a meaningful way. He or she could have something to tell you and could help you at an opportune moment, giving you support when you are in difficulties. On the other hand, this person will seem to be tied to you and could be possessive where you are concerned.

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