Your destiny

The dice have given you a message via 5, 3 and 1
Each of these numbers describes something in your current circumstances and will shed a specific light on each of your questions. Considering all 3 numbers together will give you a broader vision of your current circumstances and enable you to reach an informed conclusion.

This is the time to find out the answer to your question, by considering each dice separately and then analysing them together.

Meaning of the first number

No. 5 involves love, feelings and passion, but also children, happiness, outings and enjoyment. It can bring travel, transformation, great change and outstanding opportunities in your career, as well as new encounters in your love-life.

This is generally a positive number, though it does also have its small minus-points. No.5 is in fact associated with deception, inconsistency and unhealthy relationships, as well as money concerns, difficult relationships, unforeseen events in everyday life and minor injuries. However, this influence also favours creative flair and the ability to bounce back, even in the most awkward and difficult of situations.

However, this influence also favours creative flair and the ability to bounce back, even in the most awkward and difficult of situations.

This is a very potent influence, which brings ultra-rapid predictions and these are not always easy to handle calmly or sensibly. At the end of the day, it can lead to some wonderful surprises and breathtaking turns in your destiny.


lack of realism


Meaning of the second number

No. 3 is primarily the number of communication, speech, enjoyment and entertainment. It brings joy, opportunities, love and pleasure and is even associated with seduction and love games. It indicates opportunities to be seized at once, and helps to improvise and keep things simple.

This number can also be synonymous with short journeys, moving house or unexpected news. Making contact is also made easy in all respects.

On the negative side, no.3 is related to excess, greed, superficiality, debauchery and secret relationships. It is also associated with loss, theft and misadventure.

This number acts rapidly and often in an unexpected and sudden manner. According to tradition, the adversities of fate but also strokes of luck are expressed by number 3. On a higher level, this is a vibration which opens up the doors to fraternity.

Sociable nature
sense of humour



Meaning of the third number

No. 1 represents determination, action, effectiveness and individuality, plus occasionally solitude. It reflects a new start, an opportunity to be seized, or a run of good luck with unexpected elements.

It is also a number which indicates that you need to rely on yourself to achieve your goals. No. 1 invites you to put the past completely behind you and turn resolutely towards the future.

In a roll of the dice for those in love, it represents the masculine figure, the lover, a person in love or spouse … But, when combined with a negative figure, it can be an omen of imminent danger or a formidable enemy. It also represents the interaction of individual wills.

No. 1 is all about quickness of action and the predictions involved in this number take place very rapidly, owing to the strength of will of the person throwing the dice.

strength and will to assert yourself

tendency to be a dictator


There could be some important conversations or exchanges with others! Everything will operate around communication, which will be the main focal point over the coming weeks.

If you are already involved in a loving relationship, you could open up a healthy conversation with your partner. Putting more work into your relationships will be on the agenda, enabling you to deepen your intimacy. If you are single, you will win people over, or be won over, by words, words in tune with your deepest ideals. Your absolutist approach will find a positive echo during an unforgettable encounter. You will feel something of a need to be on your own, but walling yourself up in an ivory tower isn’t the solution. In reality, you need to find yourself as you really are and forge contacts with people who have the same values as you.

At work, negotiations or an important interview could arise and enable you to progress in your ambitions. You will be at your most effective in your work if you work alone, connecting with your creative flair, which you can then share with your team.

There could also be a family reunion, where difficult subjects will be raised, but very much in an atmosphere of calm exchanges.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, you can expect to have an important discussion with this person. This will change lot of things between you, but in a positive way, putting an end to certain anxieties and tension.

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