Dés de la destinée  

Your destiny

The chips are down, you have thrown 2, 1 and 1
Dice by dice, you are going to find out the meaning of each number, which will reveal a variety of aspects of your current circumstances and your state of mind. The conclusion will take account of the roll of the dice as a whole, with an interpretation of the particular combination you have thrown.

Don’t wait to find out about what destiny has in store for you, or the answers it will give you and the advice it has to offer.

Meaning of the first number

More than anything else, no. 2 represents the couple, partnership, gentleness, children and your other half! It reflects continuity and hope, but also the outcome of actions taken.

It sometimes demands effort, but always expresses help from others in sorting things out, a peaceful trend, and in some cases, an improvement in relations with others. As you are not really capable of standing back without getting involved, you should try to avoid being subjective. You cannot be judge and defendant at the same time and your mood swings bear witness to this.

On the negative side, no.2 begets shyness which is often excessive, a lack of drive, inactivity and emotional blackmail. This influence makes you more inclined to bend to the will of others.

No. 2 can also relate to missed opportunities because of a failure to take action and assert yourself. This number indicates a certain slowness and very often hesitation, not to mention a tendency to be weepy and tearful. Unlike no.1, predictions for no. 2 do not take long to materialise.

Spirit of cooperation
sense of sharing

Tendency to hesitate and wait-and-see


Meaning of the second number

No. 1 represents determination, action, effectiveness and individuality, plus occasionally solitude. It reflects a new start, an opportunity to be seized, or a run of good luck with unexpected elements.

It is also a number which indicates that you need to rely on yourself to achieve your goals. No. 1 invites you to put the past completely behind you and turn resolutely towards the future.

In a roll of the dice for those in love, it represents the masculine figure, the lover, a person in love or spouse … But, when combined with a negative figure, it can be an omen of imminent danger or a formidable enemy. It also represents the interaction of individual wills.

No. 1 is all about quickness of action and the predictions involved in this number take place very rapidly, owing to the strength of will of the person throwing the dice.

strength and will to assert yourself

tendency to be a dictator


Keep your emotions under control

The presence of two number ones is associated here with a great determination to forge ahead and realise your plans. However, the number 2 represents considerable instability and being over-emotional – which could stand in the way of a definite resolution to your major concerns.

On a financial level, it could mean that you will be kept waiting for news or a decision, but this will always be essential time for achieving your goals.

In your professional life, you will need to think carefully before you commit to anything. Don’t act on impulse or it could lead you to make unwise decisions. The legal aspects of your working life will become more important and this will be a point to watch, so that you can make good progress in your career.

In your love-life, you could also feel hesitant. You will either be on your guard, or it will be your partner or the person you have your eye on, who won’t seem prepared to open up his/her heart completely. The atmosphere will therefore rather unsettled and feelings, even if they are strong, will be kept under control. It will be a question of analysing your fears or what is holding you back, or those of your partner, so that you can find appropriate solutions to start again on a better basis and with confidence.

These vibrations suggest tensions within the relationship and a need for solitude overlapping with strong emotional urges. In fact, you arouse defensive reactions in your exchanges with each other, due to the fact that you are too sharp and hard-edged in the way you express your feelings.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, this combination of numbers is associated with someone who hides his/her sensitivity behind a sometimes cold and suspicious demeanour. Some good advice: take time to gain this person’s confidence and don’t try to take things too quickly. This person will be worried about a situation of a legal or financial nature and this will result in a mental block where you are concerned.

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