Dés de la destinée  

Your destiny

Fortune has spoken through 3, 3 and 4
Each dice evokes an atmosphere, an event, or a state of mind, and each one is referring to an aspect of your life and focusing on the questions you are asking. The answer is in the roll of the dice itself and will be described in the conclusion.

This is therefore a picture of your current situation, dice by dice, and an answer to your questions in the final conclusion, forming an interpretation based on your roll of the dice

Meaning of the first number

No. 3 is primarily the number of communication, speech, enjoyment and entertainment. It brings joy, opportunities, love and pleasure and is even associated with seduction and love games. It indicates opportunities to be seized at once, and helps to improvise and keep things simple.

This number can also be synonymous with short journeys, moving house or unexpected news. Making contact is also made easy in all respects.

On the negative side, no.3 is related to excess, greed, superficiality, debauchery and secret relationships. It is also associated with loss, theft and misadventure.

This number acts rapidly and often in an unexpected and sudden manner. According to tradition, the adversities of fate but also strokes of luck are expressed by number 3. On a higher level, this is a vibration which opens up the doors to fraternity.

Sociable nature
sense of humour



Meaning of the second number

No.4 is synonymous with hard work, effort, moral rectitude, work carried out to a high standard and consistency. In love, it is associated with fidelity, sincere emotions and selflessness. It can also represent the family, departures and property deals.

This number controls health and psychological well-being, but also food, sport and healthy lifestyles. No.4 offers good advice and generally brings balance and common-sense. This vibration enables greater stability in life and self-confidence in every situation.

On the negative side, no. 4 can induce an over-serious outlook, austerity, coldness of heart or unhappiness in love, even separation. With this number, you will take your time to set things up and they will take a long time to materialise.

With no. 4, you need to learn to be patient and not inclined to rush things. 4 can also indicate anger, resentment or vengeance: remember this!

a sense of duty

Lack of imagination
too rigid


Team work!

A new professional association could see the light of day with this combination of figures. You could decide to form a partnership with a friend or someone close to you to set up your own company and the conditions for this will be excellent. Now will be the time to think about planning your future and looking at love-life and relationships in the wider sense from other angles.

In your love-life, work and emotions could find themselves tied up together. If you are already involved with someone, it could be a case of working with your partner. If you are single, it will be in your workplace that you have the greatest chance of finding that love of a lifetime. Open your eyes and communication around you, and you will make some exciting discoveries.

It will be on the work front specifically, that you will have too much of a tendency to think about love and this could have a negative impact on the quality of your work. Get a grip! You will need greater self-discipline, without eliciting the help of others in this respect, as this could be turned round against you. Your relationships in the broader sense will be heading in a new direction and your desire to live in harmony with those around you will take precedence over your instinctive motives. You will have sufficient energy for swimming against the tide in terms of restrictions, your free will is going to be strengthened and you will gain in self-confidence and freedom of action.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, you should know that this person could turn out to be valuable colleague, or a partner who could help you feel completely fulfilled in most areas of your life, so go for it! Don’t let this rare pearl get away, even if his/her influence encourages you to move forward yourself.

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