Dés de la destinée  

Your destiny

You have drawn 3, 4 and 1. These numbers, individually and collectively, hold the key to your destiny.

In fact, they are going to reveal the intertwining aspects of your circumstances and help you make the right decisions in the light of the information you are given.

Now discover the message you receive when you roll the dice, each one separately first of all and then all 3 together:

Meaning of the first number

No. 3 is primarily the number of communication, speech, enjoyment and entertainment. It brings joy, opportunities, love and pleasure and is even associated with seduction and love games. It indicates opportunities to be seized at once, and helps to improvise and keep things simple.

This number can also be synonymous with short journeys, moving house or unexpected news. Making contact is also made easy in all respects.

On the negative side, no.3 is related to excess, greed, superficiality, debauchery and secret relationships. It is also associated with loss, theft and misadventure.

This number acts rapidly and often in an unexpected and sudden manner. According to tradition, the adversities of fate but also strokes of luck are expressed by number 3. On a higher level, this is a vibration which opens up the doors to fraternity.

Sociable nature
sense of humour



Meaning of the second number

No.4 is synonymous with hard work, effort, moral rectitude, work carried out to a high standard and consistency. In love, it is associated with fidelity, sincere emotions and selflessness. It can also represent the family, departures and property deals.

This number controls health and psychological well-being, but also food, sport and healthy lifestyles. No.4 offers good advice and generally brings balance and common-sense. This vibration enables greater stability in life and self-confidence in every situation.

On the negative side, no. 4 can induce an over-serious outlook, austerity, coldness of heart or unhappiness in love, even separation. With this number, you will take your time to set things up and they will take a long time to materialise.

With no. 4, you need to learn to be patient and not inclined to rush things. 4 can also indicate anger, resentment or vengeance: remember this!

a sense of duty

Lack of imagination
too rigid


Meaning of the third number

No. 1 represents determination, action, effectiveness and individuality, plus occasionally solitude. It reflects a new start, an opportunity to be seized, or a run of good luck with unexpected elements.

It is also a number which indicates that you need to rely on yourself to achieve your goals. No. 1 invites you to put the past completely behind you and turn resolutely towards the future.

In a roll of the dice for those in love, it represents the masculine figure, the lover, a person in love or spouse … But, when combined with a negative figure, it can be an omen of imminent danger or a formidable enemy. It also represents the interaction of individual wills.

No. 1 is all about quickness of action and the predictions involved in this number take place very rapidly, owing to the strength of will of the person throwing the dice.

strength and will to assert yourself

tendency to be a dictator

Be on your guard!

Watch out for a new face among those around you, stirring up ill-feeling among those you know, or indirectly trying to torpedo your happiness.

In your love-life, it could be a case of a rival or someone who could try to monopolise the attention of your partner or try to seduce him/her. Whatever the situation, you won’t much appreciate this atmosphere of rivalry and this could make you jealous or suspicious. This is a situation which could awaken your darker side in a way which would put you in the wrong in the eyes of your partner.

On the work front, someone could try to double-cross you, or hog and walk off with all the laurels for work that you have done, so stay on your guard! It would be a good idea during this period to make sure that your ideas and inventions really do bear your signature and are recognised officially as such, to avoid any attempts to usurp them. Your spontaneity will be revived, but if you overdo this, you will run the risk of appearing unstable in the eyes of some. Keep calm and channel your need for contact and exchanges with others. This will make you more convincing.

A family quarrel could also be on today’s agenda. Underlying your family atmosphere will be material concerns which won’t augur well for feeling relaxed. It will be essential to establish arrangements which will take everyone’s needs into account.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, be careful. You are dealing with a manipulator, or someone who is playing with you and could give you grief. Keep your distance, now! And above all, don’t commit lightly, before you have analysed the situation and checked out the essential facts. Words aren’t enough!

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