Dice of Destiny

Analysis of your draw

You have drawn 4, 2 and 6. These numbers, individually and collectively, hold the key to your destiny.

In fact, they are going to reveal the intertwining aspects of your circumstances and help you make the right decisions in the light of the information you are given.

Now discover the message you receive when you roll the dice , each one separately first of all and then all 3 together:

Your 3 dice , your destiny

Meaning of the dice 4

No.4 is synonymous with hard work, effort, moral rectitude, work carried out to a high standard and consistency. In love, it is associated with fidelity, sincere emotions and selflessness. It can also represent the family, departures and property deals.

This number controls health and psychological well-being, but also food, sport and healthy lifestyles. No.4 offers good advice and generally brings balance and common-sense. This vibration enables greater stability in life and self-confidence in every situation.

On the negative side, no. 4 can induce an over-serious outlook, austerity, coldness of heart or unhappiness in love, even separation. With this number, you will take your time to set things up and they will take a long time to materialise.

With no. 4, you need to learn to be patient and not inclined to rush things. 4 can also indicate anger, resentment or vengeance: remember this!

Positive points:

a sense of duty

Negative points:

Lack of imagination
too rigid

Meaning of the dice 2

More than anything else, no. 2 represents the couple, partnership, gentleness, children and your other half! It reflects continuity and hope, but also the outcome of actions taken.

It sometimes demands effort, but always expresses help from others in sorting things out, a peaceful trend, and in some cases, an improvement in relations with others. As you are not really capable of standing back without getting involved, you should try to avoid being subjective. You cannot be judge and defendant at the same time and your mood swings bear witness to this.

On the negative side, no.2 begets shyness which is often excessive, a lack of drive, inactivity and emotional blackmail. This influence makes you more inclined to bend to the will of others.

No. 2 can also relate to missed opportunities because of a failure to take action and assert yourself. This number indicates a certain slowness and very often hesitation, not to mention a tendency to be weepy and tearful. Unlike no.1, predictions for no. 2 do not take long to materialise.

Positive points:

Spirit of cooperation
sense of sharing

Negative points:

Tendency to hesitate and wait-and-see

Meaning of the dice 6

No. 6 is about love, harmony, inner tranquillity, peaceful relationships and serenity. It reflects moments of perfect happiness with your other half, within a group or your family. It can lead to birth, marriage or the desire to have children. This is the number of tenderness above all others, with loving exchanges and closeness.

On the negative side, no.6 can bring family troubles, sorrow, disappointment, low self-esteem or painful betrayals. No. 6 is also associated with concerns going back to childhood and problems with loneliness.

The emotions prevail over all other considerations under this influence and provide the momentum in other areas.

This figure encourages you to ask for help and not withdraw into yourself. Its predictions are valid for a short time and will take place in several stages.

Positive points:

Emotional intelligence

Negative points:

Risk of emotional dependency

Something new!

This combination of numbers, will give you a glimpse of new areas of interest! You can expect to discover a new passion or enjoy an activity that was previously unknown to you. Your life will be fulfilled by new projects and motivations. This vibration will bring your life a large breath of novelty, especially concerning your your deepest aspirations.

You will feel an immense need for dedication, recognition and achievement, more even than ever. You will scarcely have the time for moments of reflection before having to make essential choices. The heat of the moment will dominate the course of events and this will enable you be aware of your ability to improvise, which you didn’t know you had.

In your love-life, if you are already involved with someone, it will be humour and laughter that will prevail. If you are single, you can expect to find someone with whom you can spend some passionate moments, but it doesn’t look likely to last. If you are in a relationship, you’re ultimately going to have more opportunities for distraction, leisure and relaxation, which will help you get your mutual worries into perspective. You don’t want to miss out on the optimism of strengthening your relationship with new desires, which you can share without moderation.

On the work front, the atmosphere will be cheerful, with a strong friendship which could develop in your workplace. Your life outside work will be bolstered and this will help you rise in the workplace. Your work will bring great satisfaction to your ego. You’ll have a chance to carry out a project which has been dear to your heart for a long time. Beware of financial projects with relations you don’t know well enough. Take the time to evaluate these people and the minute details of the projects in question.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, you should know that this person will enable you to spend some happy moments and leave you with great memories, even if he or she is just passing through your life.

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