Dés de la destinée  

Your destiny

The die is cast: you have thrown 3, 3 and 2
The individual dice indicate the diverse influences which colour your existence and together, they form a pattern very useful to your understanding, so you can move forward, make the right choices and take constructive decisions.

We are offering you an explanation of the meaning of each dice and a conclusion based on the combination of all 3 numbers together.

Meaning of the first number

No.4 is synonymous with hard work, effort, moral rectitude, work carried out to a high standard and consistency. In love, it is associated with fidelity, sincere emotions and selflessness. It can also represent the family, departures and property deals.

This number controls health and psychological well-being, but also food, sport and healthy lifestyles. No.4 offers good advice and generally brings balance and common-sense. This vibration enables greater stability in life and self-confidence in every situation.

On the negative side, no. 4 can induce an over-serious outlook, austerity, coldness of heart or unhappiness in love, even separation. With this number, you will take your time to set things up and they will take a long time to materialise.

With no. 4, you need to learn to be patient and not inclined to rush things. 4 can also indicate anger, resentment or vengeance: remember this!

a sense of duty

Lack of imagination
too rigid


Meaning of the second number

No. 3 is primarily the number of communication, speech, enjoyment and entertainment. It brings joy, opportunities, love and pleasure and is even associated with seduction and love games. It indicates opportunities to be seized at once, and helps to improvise and keep things simple.

This number can also be synonymous with short journeys, moving house or unexpected news. Making contact is also made easy in all respects.

On the negative side, no.3 is related to excess, greed, superficiality, debauchery and secret relationships. It is also associated with loss, theft and misadventure.

This number acts rapidly and often in an unexpected and sudden manner. According to tradition, the adversities of fate but also strokes of luck are expressed by number 3. On a higher level, this is a vibration which opens up the doors to fraternity.

Sociable nature
sense of humour



Meaning of the third number

More than anything else, no. 2 represents the couple, partnership, gentleness, children and your other half! It reflects continuity and hope, but also the outcome of actions taken.

It sometimes demands effort, but always expresses help from others in sorting things out, a peaceful trend, and in some cases, an improvement in relations with others. As you are not really capable of standing back without getting involved, you should try to avoid being subjective. You cannot be judge and defendant at the same time and your mood swings bear witness to this.

On the negative side, no.2 begets shyness which is often excessive, a lack of drive, inactivity and emotional blackmail. This influence makes you more inclined to bend to the will of others.

No. 2 can also relate to missed opportunities because of a failure to take action and assert yourself. This number indicates a certain slowness and very often hesitation, not to mention a tendency to be weepy and tearful. Unlike no.1, predictions for no. 2 do not take long to materialise.

Spirit of cooperation
sense of sharing

Tendency to hesitate and wait-and-see

Put your house in order!

This will mark the beginning of an ideal period for having a grand clear-out with this combination of figures. This will be a period of ideas, during which your creative flair will become more evident. You will feel the need to bring out something from within, which will go beyond visible reality at first sight. You are preparing to move on to a higher level, where you will become aware of the great predominance of your personal values. This will be the time to assert your talents to the full.

If you are already involved with someone, it could be a case of putting on hold a relationship, which no longer gives you fulfilment. It could also be a case of taking a painful separation through the legal process. You will feel a powerful need for change in your love-life and this could be achieved within the framework of your relationship, if your partner shares the same wishes without withdrawing his/her commitment. Don’t make any decisions on a mere impulse!

At work, conflicts with your employer will calm down, or a file related to a legal institution will turn in your favour. Whatever the case, you are going to be able to see more clearly. This will also be a favourable moment for going on a diet or making a large number of resolutions, which will demand a great deal of conscious willpower. Your friends will help you move upwards in the organisation and a certain amount of effort will be needed to keep and consolidate these friendships. Your life outside will be reinforced, with numerous contacts and some very promising encounters.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, you should understand that your relationship with this person is going to break up before long or fizzle out, in order to enable you to draw a line beneath the past and look forward to the future.

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