Dés de la destinée  

Your destiny

Destiny is offering you 5, 5 and 6
You’re going to find out the meaning of each dice in your life and the answers it will give to some of your questions. But, beyond each dice, the roll of the dice itself assumes a particular meaning, which will serve as a conclusion.

Now find out the combined meanings of the dice you have thrown, one by one and then all 3 together.

Meaning of the first number

No. 5 involves love, feelings and passion, but also children, happiness, outings and enjoyment. It can bring travel, transformation, great change and outstanding opportunities in your career, as well as new encounters in your love-life.

This is generally a positive number, though it does also have its small minus-points. No.5 is in fact associated with deception, inconsistency and unhealthy relationships, as well as money concerns, difficult relationships, unforeseen events in everyday life and minor injuries. However, this influence also favours creative flair and the ability to bounce back, even in the most awkward and difficult of situations.

However, this influence also favours creative flair and the ability to bounce back, even in the most awkward and difficult of situations.

This is a very potent influence, which brings ultra-rapid predictions and these are not always easy to handle calmly or sensibly. At the end of the day, it can lead to some wonderful surprises and breathtaking turns in your destiny.


lack of realism


Meaning of the second number

No. 6 is about love, harmony, inner tranquillity, peaceful relationships and serenity. It reflects moments of perfect happiness with your other half, within a group or your family. It can lead to birth, marriage or the desire to have children. This is the number of tenderness above all others, with loving exchanges and closeness.

On the negative side, no.6 can bring family troubles, sorrow, disappointment, low self-esteem or painful betrayals. No. 6 is also associated with concerns going back to childhood and problems with loneliness.

The emotions prevail over all other considerations under this influence and provide the momentum in other areas.

This figure encourages you to ask for help and not withdraw into yourself. Its predictions are valid for a short time and will take place in several stages.

Emotional intelligence

Risk of emotional dependency


Freedom and growth!

This combination heralds a life of situations encouraging you to move towards others, expressing your creative flair more widely, consolidating your relationships and enjoying new encounters. It’s a good influence for dealing with your question and will give a beneficial result, as long as you stick to the course without being dazzled by your success. You will have all the assets you need to complete your projects successfully. It will be easy to forge ahead, so make the most of this to seize opportunities as they arise!

On the work front, be attentive to new alliances and bear in mind that this climate will enable you to take a necessary step back in order to bounce back more effectively. You will shortly find people who will back your projects and you will just need to keep your eyes open to spot them.

In your love-life, you are going to go through an extremely pleasant period, where you will succeed in combining a great feeling of freedom with passionate love, and the fusion of hearts and bodies. This influence will herald sudden passion, an impulsive decision, love-at-first-sight, creativity or spontaneous fits of anger. This will be the beginning of an eminently dynamic cycle, which will encourage the resurgence of repressed desires and revelations from your partner.

In financial matters, the time has come to evaluate what is really going on and review your priorities. In order to minimise the risks, you’re going to need to question your actions and true motives. While you wait for better days, you are recommended to think before you act and not take any decision in a hurry. Keep a cool head in all circumstances and don’t sign anything without studying everything closely in depth.

This combination advises you to make the most of this influence to develop your creative flair, but also your social life at the same time. In fact, the final six emphasises the fact that expressing your personality and creativity will bring you new opportunities in this area, which it will be a good thing to exploit and experience to the full.

If you are thinking of anyone in particular, there are great chances that this person is currently overwhelmed by a tense relationship. You’re going to have to get used to things by showing you can be calm and patient. So, don’t hesitate to postpone your expectations. Enjoy yourself with this person and everything will work out for the best!

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